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I first had the idea of a Folk Music Hall Of Fame years ago whilst serving in a previous professional life. It was presented as a project to the Men in Suits – but it was never taken up.
When I started my own show in December 2012, I thought again of creating it – but then work and other stuff distracted me, so it has not been able to materialise until now.


Each week I intend to enter into the Hall Of Fame one or more individuals, groups or organisations singers / musicians / groups / duos / producers etc that have made a major contribution to the folk music of these islands.
There will be a small citation and a picture plus links through to other sites where a fuller understanding of the people concerned can be found.


So – here it is – some of the choices are pretty obvious – others might not be so obvious but the main criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame will be a major contribution over a long period of time. There is no particular order in which those honoured will appear – my main concern is always the feel and form of each individual show so it may be that somebody like Cecil Sharp doesn’t appear until show 14 / 2014 – I don’t know yet.


What I do know is that it will be good to pay some kind of tribute to the many people who have made such an inspiring and enriching contribution to the music of these islands – and being a virtual Hall of Fame it will be easy to dust and keep clean, we won’t have to worry about the roof leaking – and we can just keep adding rooms when it gets full.