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  • As I was only an occasional listener ( just caught up with the last
    show on R2 ) I cannot, cannot believe that your show has got the chop
    – replaced by Mark Radcliffe!?! Good luck, thanks for all the music,
    and you’ve been added to my Favourites – I’ll be downloading weekly.

  • Hi Mike

    Many, many congrats on the new venture and I hope it can soon be self

    I remember well the early days in places such as the Cross Keys in
    Eccles and the Ring ‘o’ bells in Middleton and have followed your
    career since the late 60’s, may you long continue to promote the
    ‘music of the people’.

    I have suggested to our local club that they get the club listed on
    the site if that’s ok.

    We saw you in Newark and look forward to seeing you in April in
    Mansfield. Being now retired we hope to get to a few festivals in

    In the meantime, all the best for 2013 to you and yours.


    Tony Robertson (Exiled Manc living on Notts/Derbys border!)

    • Send me the link to the club and I’ll put it up there – we’ll have a self help one soon – early days yet Cheers Mike

  • Well done a great first show! XxX

  • Glad to see that you are keeping the show going. Will try to listen on
    a Sunday and will definitely save the podcast to listen to on MP3 play
    when it becomes available.

    Good luck with the show.

    Dave Ackrill

  • Mike,
    Great to see the show continuing, just listened to the first one. When
    I read in the papers the BBC had decided to end your show I wrote
    e-mails of complaint to all at the BBC, but from the replies I see
    they have no interest in licence payers views.
    Best of luck with the new show, I will tell others where to find it on
    the web.

    Happy New Year


  • Dear Mike

    I am delighted to find your new Folk Show as along with many other
    listeners I was very disappointed that you were unceremoniously ousted
    from BBC Radio 2.
    Look forward to more of your exemplary broadcasts in your new
    Best wishes and a Happy New Year.


    Keith Morris

  • Congratulations all concerned, just listening now and it’s sounding
    fantastic! Keep up the good work and a very Happy New Year!

  • Hi Mike, Just a few words to say I’ve enjoyed listening to your first
    “Podcast” Lots of interesting stuff in there with a lovely balance! I
    thought I should advise you, if you don’t already know, That Luce
    Women have used this traditional tune “SHOVE THE PIGS FOOT” to their
    “Where The Lasses Meet The Lads” you can find it on YouTube:-
    It’s on their the latest and last CD “Lovely Northern Lasses”,
    available now at http://www.lucewomen. com
    Luce Women are three very talented ladies from the Stranraer/Luce Bay
    area and have made 3 CD’s and produced some excellent music. If you’d
    like to contact them Cathy Frank and Gerda Picin are my friends and
    are on Facebook although I’m sure you’ll have come across them
    Best wishes John Jeffrey (Whitley Bay)

    • Olease ask theLuce Women to msg me on my Facebook site – we’ll get a POBox No for people to send stuff soon – cheers Mike

  • Hi Mike.
    Sean Laffey here from Irish Music Magazine
    Congrats on the programme, ’tis great that it ‘s available for a week
    after the first broadcast.

    Can we have a link on you new site?

    We are at

    Also Myself and Stephen Power (Author of Traditional Notes) have a web
    site for Folk photography at :


    And keep up the great work.

    Sean L.

    • Thanks Sean – so many friends n fans of the show in Ireland have emailed n msgd me – looking forward to playing more of the great stuff that’s coming out from across the pond. Did u know Christy is touring with Cahal Hayden / Muirtin O Connor? – looks good

  • Wonderful show, I am sure it will prove a success. Our old Mate Eamon
    McBride will have been sat on a cloud loving it!

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