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  • First of all thank you for a brilliant programme- loved every second.
    But, having the Mike Harding Folk Show on a Sunday at 5pm, now means
    I’ll have to decide which show do I listen to live and which show I’ll
    have to play catch up with.
    I’ll explain- 5pm Sundays in future will be either The Mike Harding
    Folk Show or Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk from BBC Shropshire, which
    I listen to via the web as I live in Kent.
    Hope you had a good time in my part of the world recently, I live in
    Herne Bay.
    All the best- keep on folking

  • Hi Mike

    Just wanted to say congrats on the podcast venture. I’m just enjoying
    the first one as I write – very fine stuff, indeed!

    Anyway, good luck with this venture. You’ve already begun to get some
    idea of the support your have from your listeners in it. Long may it
    continue and I look forward to seeing and hearing it go from success
    to success in 2013.

    Warmest regards

    Bill Martin
    (ex-Pyewackett, Penny Hop, Cathy Lesurf, etc, still earning my living
    from music but now helping other people develop their musical skills

  • Hello Mike,

    Thank you very, very much for continuing to do what you do, and
    congratulations on doing it on your terms! I was absolutely
    grief-stricken when I heard your show on the BBC was ending. My son
    Rafe is 6 months old, and I am in the process of weaning him off
    YouTube lullabies, and starting him on a healthy diet of folk. I know
    that I can continue to give him the best as he grows up, by listening
    to you.

    Happy New Year,

    Tom Fieldhouse

  • Hi Mike,

    We were sorry to hear of your ‘treatment’ by the BBC. I did get a
    letter published in the Daily Telegraph after your ‘story’ was
    published but did not see any other letters.

    Pleased to find your new show on the web……best of luck.


  • Well done Mike great effort:)

  • Fantastic, Mike! Even better now you are a freelance! Will spread the
    word; keep up the excellent work!

  • Brilliant stuff! Listened this morning while feeding the bairn!

    Are you putting anyone’s artist websites up? If so it would be grand
    to have some links there:

    And are you putting festival websites up? If you are could you put

    Happy New Year to you, have a good un tonight

  • HI Mike

    Wonderful first show.

    I have a folk show on locla radion in Stafford and have featured a
    number of live sessions. A number of these artists, I’m sure are right
    up your street. Have a look at the following:-

    Steal The Stars (young duo from Stafford)
    Valeryan (former lead singer with The Settlers)
    Chinkinfeckle – wonderful trio from Wigan
    Dan Walsh (formerly part of Walsh and Pound now withn his own band)

    Keep up the good work.


  • Hello Mike and Co,
    Mick Peat always says, : “they don’t want us on the BBC jack,” and
    that would seem to be the case with all our lovely music. Coming from
    a family with non folkie parents it took me into my early 20’s before
    I managed to break into the folk misic mines. I have always had a love
    of the history of working people, the ones who actually built things
    etc, and a love of the countryside. I always thought that walkers all
    got together at the pub after a good days walk and sang folk songs.
    That was what got me looking for a way in and I found it via Sean
    MCGEE’S rock and reel newspaper then the Tykes News , I was stunned at
    the quality of the music, songs and voices that I encountered on my
    first few forays fto the General Ludd F.C at The Rock Inn Brockholes.
    I have never looked back an d I am so pleased that you have decided to
    carry on with a great mix of music. We will see you at the Trades in
    the spring, hope it’s not a gig from the back of a dinghy though!

    all the best

    jack straw

  • I’m just grateful to still have you and your show which I reckon
    you’ve delivered 3 days early!
    Did I ever tell you about Crokodile Tears?
    Happy new year and new beginning,


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