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  • Lisening to your show Mike, is about listening to YOU and then your chosen music. We didn’t get far in listening to 3 hours sans you. Hearing you say goodbye at the beginning is not very nice, actually.
    There are web stations that just stream folk hour after hour. Your show is different, perhaps you don’t see how important you are!
    However, thanks so much for you effort and humour over the years.

  • Merry Christmas Mike from am ex pat in Ontario Canada

  • Happy Christmas Mike, from down under in New Zealand. Recently discovered your podcast site – brilliant! Am working through them from the start as I paint the house in the New Zealand sun and Wellington winds… Amazed at the wealth of folk you’ve collected and shared with us. Thank you. Have donated as a small thanks. Will see if I can find some NZ folk for you – there’s some good stuff here.

    It’s Christmas Day so I’ve skipped to your latest, Christmas, podcast. Magic!

    Warm regards, and Happy New Year.

  • Enjoyed the Christmas show Mike, have chosen a couple of songs to sing next year.

  • Enjoying the 3hrs of great uninterrupted music on the Christmas 2019 podcast, and very nice to say hi yesterday at the Jolly Angler in Manchester.

  • Just downloaded your latest 276 – brilliant work there young Mike! Keeps me going!
    Mike in Pau, France

  • So pleased to see that the pod is still casting. I had lost the habit of downloading, but now all caught up and ready for the summer roadtrips with a swag of your inspiring and informative shows. THANKS!!!!

  • Christmas songs! Got to include “Merry Christmas to all and goodnight” by the incredible John Doyle and “First Christmas away from Home” by Stan Rogers. If not his best song certainly his most poignant. “The man who slits the turkeys throats Christmas” by whoever is a good uncle for carnivores.

  • Still listening in Michigan (USA) Mike.

    Have not found a podcast nor a podcaster as down-to-earth as yours and you.

    No really, I MEAN it this time!

    Best wishes,
    Mike Disbrow

  • Hey Mike, discovered this recently. Wondered where you had gone to. Sorry I’m late to this party. It’s like Christmas 10 times finding the podcast archive. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing

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