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  • Quite agree with you re Granny’s Attic, had the delight of seeing them at the South Brent Folk weekend earlier this year, very dynamic!
    Best, John

  • Mike —

    I am writing from Cleveland, Ohio. About a century and a half ago, however, the Rounds emigated from Dudley in the Black Country.

    I only recently discovered your podcast and I can’t say enough good things about it. I started listening with show #1 and have been happily working my way through all of them. What you have been dong these many years is uniformly excellent. Keep up the good work and mind how you go.

    Ed Round

  • What an absolutely fantastic show! Just wanted to say Mike: Mr Ganley loved Amazing Blondel. Went back to Bede’s in 70’s on some teaching practice and we got talking about folk music in the Lady Corridor of all places.
    What about something from the album England by Amazing Blondel.
    Keep up the good work! Auntie is all the worse for your leaving.
    Geoff Sheppard

  • Hi Mike, big thanks for all your and your helpers efforts. Its a fabulous show and a credit to you all.

  • Thanks for the memorys
    Took me back to my first experience of folk music at dorking folk club with my late cousin Melvyn.
    Thanks again

  • Hi Mike, just enjoyed another folk show podcast. Just worked out the first time I saw you was in the Bird in Hand on Flixton Road in 1969 when we were in student digs. I was involved with the Salford Uni Folk Club later that year. Probably the best known traditional folk singer in the mid 60’s was Rambling Sid Rumpo who was parodying something before anybody really knew what we was parodying! The best selling folk song about then would have been “The Golden Vanity” though it was better known for the flipside, “My Old Man’s a Dustman”. My first record. I understand there were links between skiffle and folk. Anyway, , those above are a suggestion for a future show. Cheers and thanks for the show from the Clare Valley, South Australia

  • Hi Mike,

    So happy to see you’re still doing shows! I first discovered folk music through your show on the BBC when I was 14 and it’s remained a life long passion. Will enjoy catching up on all your podcasts. Thank you for the music, keep broadcasting!


  • love the show mike, been following folk since around 1969

  • Thanks Mike another great show .
    Now i have even more new artists and songs to listen to,
    Look forward to the next one
    Thanks again.

  • Enjoying current podcast with songs about extraordinary ordinary folks. Your version of Victor Jara is smashing. Thank you for the great music.

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