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  • Mike, I’ve only just discovered podcasts and thrilled to find your own brill offerings. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Beir Bua is Beannacht.

  • Wonderful music Mike. I really appreciate it. If I see you the drinks are on me!


  • Lovely new podcast. Loved The last trip home, Mr McGoldrick and Jed’s reading of yr poem. Had to read it again in “Fishing for ghosts”…your best collection?


  • How do.
    Another satisfied customer here, only recently found my way to your excellent podcast and wondering what took me so long. Still at least that means I have a huge backlog to work my way through.
    I’m sure someone has already mentioned, but “Lady’s Pleasure” and “Constant Billy” from MHFS261 are Morris tunes.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hello Mike, it’s great to enjoy your choice of Folk and Roots every now and then. When on a job or on holidays here in the Netherlands or in Germany I always carry your ‘complete works’ with me on the ol’ ‘Pod. I find great pleasure in the music and in the way it obviously brings you pleasure too. Warm greetings from the Lowlands from another hillwalker, mandoSobellist and notorious flyfisher, and thanks ever so much!

  • Great that you are back !
    On the wireless

  • Just to say I love the show, although you’ve cost me a fortune in CDs and downloads.
    A couple of albums by local (Ipswich area) bands you may or may not be aware of:
    Thy Last Drop from Bury St Edmunds are a cracking band playing “Steampunk Folk”, their album Tales From The Triple Tree is well worth a listen. They are also a damn fine live band.
    Broadside Boys album Albion Street is also a great album featuring songs about Suffolk life past and present. Sadly they are no longer playing live at the present due to illness but I had the good fortune to see them support Richard Digance in Felixstowe a couple of years ago.

  • Loving that you are still continuing the podcasts. Was sad to hear you were no longer accepting donations. Have you reinstated that now. One keen listener in Brentford, Middx recently returned from his annual Folk fix at Broadstairs Folk Festival, the oft overlooked ‘other week long’ festival.

  • Agree with what you say about Ruth Notman a fine singer, saw her at Priddy Folk Festival many years ago and have both of her albums. Her version of ” Caledonia” is beautiful.
    Love the show as always Mike , thanks.

  • Great music in last podcast, so many thanks, Mike.
    Saddened to hear of Liam O’Flynn’s death, what a great loss, such a wonderful piper
    Tina and Michael

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