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  • Trowbridge Festival and a new podcast How do the other half live without this.
    Thanks Mike yet another gem, Can’t wait for the next one.
    Keep Well.

  • Hi Mike

    Thank heavens you didn’t disappear completely, I was devastated when you anounced your last show. Lost was the more like it.

    But hey ya back with your own brand of show and great music.

    God bless ya

  • I thought Andre the Giant sounde familiar. Starred in “The Princess Bride”.

  • Hi Mike,

    So many happy memories your shows bring back after working and living here in Brazil for the past 42 years. Great memories of Towersey, the Ceilidh’s and Morris dancing at the Club along with the Manners family.
    Your great performances there!



    Ian Hill

  • Great to have yet another podcast to add to the collection! Lovely music as ever, loved Steve Tilston and Reg Meurross. Many thanks again
    Tina and Michael

  • Hi Mike, so glad that you are back with your 2 hour show, as having it once a month is fine for you and for us listeners. I really enjoyed your latest show of 24 June Podcast 258. I enjoyed every track and delighted to say that I have 4 of the albums you played a track from. Track 11 – The Foxglove Trio / Track 12- Reg Meuross ( though I have his original album this track is on, but will be buying the newer version soon) – Track 13 -Lucy Ward and to my delight Track 24 – Daria Kulesh. Back in Podcast 253 ( Xmas Eve Special) I was pleased you included her EP title track Vasilisa and also Songs About A Train by Reg Meuross, and now you have included them both again ( I am a fan and supporter of both of them in particular). Thanks so much for playing new recordings for your listeners of both new and up-coming acts and also more established ones who have written and / or recorded new songs for people to listen to, buy and then go and see them perform the songs live, as I do 🙂

  • Hi Mike, glad you have decided to do more folk shows as I really thought you had called it a day for quite awhile. I have just enjoyed the most recent show Podcast #258 and enjoyed it very much. Pleased to say that of the artists you played tracks by I have 4 of the new albums. So thanks especially for playing track 11 by The Foxglove Trio – track 12 by Reg Meuross ( I have his original version at the moment but will be buying his new album) – track 13 by Lucy Ward and lastly the lovely song by Daria Kulesh as track 24. I have her Winter and Spring Delights EPs and have paid in advance for her Summer and Autumn Delights EPs. A new album will follow to be recorded later this year. Thanks so much for the new show, all the best, Paw in Bristol.

  • Aye up Mike. Well, I made it up to Conomarra, what a beautiful place, you’re a lucky man to have a place there. Didn’t like Galway too much and had an absolute blast in Dingle, take care mate

  • Thank goodness you’re back. Still the best. Thank you

  • Thanks for a set of great podcasts Mike. Also for still producing the odd one or two. I sent a donation to help you continue the good work.

    Many thanks,

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