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  • More great new music in the latest offering… thanks, Mike, we really appreciate all your hard work

  • Hello Mike. Really glad to see some new shows. Have sent a few bob as a small contribution.

  • Hi Mike, thanks so much for playing my song Let’s Go To Town on Podcast #257. Glad you liked the album, and really appreciate the support. All the best, Richard

  • lucy broadwood – Sussex pianos…..

    love your work Mike. It reaches further than you think.

  • A royal wedding show – maybe ? I looked at all the flags and thought someone must be able to build a musical story. Mike Harding…. That’s who
    (Oh- and some gospel)

  • Delighted that you couldn’t bring yourself to completely quit …casting. Hope that a small donation will lubricate the wheels. Thanks Mike.

  • Hi Mike. Just wanted to say thanks a ton for all the podcasts you’ve posted here. After I took early retirement on health grounds, my wife and I moved to Spain a year ago and I now spend my days writing plays and painting pictures of men in pubs. The wide variety of music on your website is the perfect musical backdrop as I paint away. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Phil.

  • Dear Mike . I am this day 58 years old. Having a few beers, listening to. Coda. “Train of Spirits”. Thanks to you.

  • Hi Mike, An old listener from the beeb days now following your podcasts. Thank you for all the music you have given to us. I used to be in a ceilidh band through out the 70’s 80’s and into the 90’s. (The extra hot mango chutney ceiling band)
    Now in 2018 I am running a new folk festival in Somerset. The Radford Folk festival near timsbury in Bath on the 7th July. Main acts The Drystones, Jez Hellard and the jukezella orchestra with another 7 acts new contemporary folk. Could you plug the festival for us, and could you come along. Cheers Paddy

  • Thanks for the information! It helped us a lot on the trip!

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