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  • Mike,

    I seem to recall that you have an end date when podcats will no longer be avaiable to download – could you advise when that is ?


    Joe Whittaker

    • Not for a long while Joe – as long as we can pay for the server we’ll keep it open and free Mike

  • Thank you Mike! Really enjoying your occasional podcasts, and have finally worked out how to get the early ones that I missed first time on to my iPod. So I am one happy bunny, off to the allotment with my headphones on. Actually, that may not be the best turn of phrase, as bunnies are distinctly unwelcome down there!

  • Hi Mike – Just want to say many thanks as you were entirely responsible for opening up the world of Folk Music to me and my wife . We were relative late comers to Folk music and via your previous show on R2, and your internet show have introduced us to a fantastic world of music and culture, and we are now annual attenders at Shrewsbury and other Folk festivals, I have even re-tuned my Guitar to DADGAD and attempted to learn the Mandolin!.
    Take care and please feel free to do some more podcast shows ( Paddy’s day special was great)

    Kind wishes – Mike and Fiona Devon

    • Thank you – it’s really good to know that the music and love of that music is spreading – I’m still in love with this music – in fact if anything my love gets deeper by the day

  • Some great music on Paddy’s day pod cast… many thanks, we really appreciate it
    Tina and Mike

  • Was devastated by your post that you were stopping. So glad see you are continuing, brings real joy to my life. I often like to listen in the bath after a hard day’s work, volunteering with my local wildlife trust! Have just donated to keep the joy flowing!

  • Mike – indubitably the finest selection of music of this genre online. Never stop. Never.

  • Thanks for 255. Another gem. You may worry that noone is out here listening, but we are and we love what you do. Yours aye,

  • We loved the 2+ hour offering… seized upon with great enthusiasm and gratitude…AND promise of more!!
    Wow. We will happily settle for whatever and however you have the time and inclination to give us. Be sure the Keeper if the Privy Purse will be bunging you a bob or two to help things along.
    We were especially delighted with the music of Nava… brilliant stuff


  • Hi Mike. What a surprise! I was going to listen to an old podcast as I did my school preparation in my cold class room on a Sunday morning in caistor in north lincs.
    And I found a new one. You’ve made my morning. Hope there are more to come

  • Great to have you back with Great Music and Great Info that the whole World has missed.
    Thanks, Malcolm from Redhill,Surrey.

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