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  • Hello Mike, I hope you are able to see the Young’uns perform “The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff” a show about a remarkable man, my Dad.

    • Saw them in Mancs Duncan – what a show – and what a man your dad was. His memory is a total inspiration still. I hope the lads video the show. Best M

  • I was just looking through my podcasts today and saw this, a new one! Och that’s great. I am going to save it to listen to over the weekend but it looks wonderful. Thank you for posting this. Hope that you are keeping well Mr Harding. Listening in London.

  • Hello again, Mike,
    Lovely to hear you again–such a wonderful surprise to find another new download. Thank you!

    Maureen in Madison, WI

  • Was it only last October (2017) that you ‘retired’, Mike? Seems a lot longer ago than that. Just shows how sorely you’re missed. Thank you dearly for five years of incomparable accompaniment to my life (and of course many years before the podcasts too).
    I’ve at last managed to start thinking about downloading all 253 episodes. This’ll be a project in itself.
    Hope you’re doing OK and looking after yourself.
    All best wishes,
    Peter Webb, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

  • Dear Mike I was finally able to catch up on your shows recently – dismayed to find you are finishing up. I have so enjoyed your show over the years and will be sad to see you go.

    All the best Mike fight the good fight Kia Kaha!

  • Many thanks for the many years of musical enjoyment that you have provided. Your concertina workshop many years ago in a pub in Coatham persuaded me that one day I would take up the instrument. It’s taken 45 years but I’m beginning to get there at last. Still have a fancy to find one of those “grunt and fart” machines.

  • Hi Mike
    Thank you for a fantastic show listened to as a podcast which keeps me going as I cycle up the rather steep Cleeve Hill here in Cheltenham! Fond memories of chatting to you with a cycling group from KE in a bar in Kathmandu back in the 90s!
    Cheers Mike

  • Hi Mike,
    Thank you so much for making the podcast for all of us, it has kept me sane on many a long bus ride home from college, and has exposed me to so much new music that I would have never found otherwise.

    I’m really sorry to hear that you are stopping the program, but I have downloaded the entire back catalogue, and am slowly working my way through all the episodes.

    Thanks for all the great tunes, and good luck with whatever comes next!!!

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  • Hi Mike
    Sorry to hear that we aren’t going to hear your dulcet tones any more – except maybe some more specials?!
    Have finally managed to to download the podcasts for a lifetime supply of fine music, but is there a way of downloading the playlists to complete my archive?
    Thanks for all the previous great shows and all the best for the future.
    Roger Higgs, a listener from the Vendee, France.

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