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  • Sometimes you don’t know what something is worth until you loose it…I’m still exploring the archive…would love to hear people’s favorite podcast#…the one they have saved and listened to multiple times….mine is #107 Derby Day and the Cypress Grove songs just blow me away every time I listen…thanks Mike!

  • Really good ‘bonus’ show Mike. Thanks for brightening up my Christmas! I look forward to further occasional shows in 2018!

  • dear mike,
    greetings from India, your show has helped me a lot concentrate on my studies during my college days and was thankful for such soulful and true to music podcasts. was, am and will always be a fan. Thank you for giving us this treasure to cherish.

  • Thanks Mike, Its great to hear from you again. Happy New Year to you and yours and to All Folkies everywhere. X

  • Thanks Mike for the shows
    Great tunes lovely just to chill and listen and let the mind drift away.

  • so new years eve in Pau, France and the MHFS accompanying me to my Tesco Finest mince pies (The French don;t do this sort of thing, sadly) and its blue skys, warmish and bright and sunny. Miss the English pub scene though… Keep up the good- great- work there Mike. you are a classic in your own right.

  • What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much for the new show. The best Christmas present we could have had ( other than world peace). Have a great Christmas Mike. Hope to hear more from you next year.

  • I was so sad to hear that you were finishing the weekly podcast back in October – there is simply no one else doing anything similar out there; so your absence has left a hole. You can imagine then my great suprise and joy to receive the email saying there was a new episode on Christmas eve. Thank you Mr Harding, you’ve made me believe in Santa again 🙂

  • Dear Mr. Harding,
    I have only recently discovered your podcast and am devastated that you are ending it, but wish you only the best. I have been downloading the episodes en masse, and plan to enjoy your excellent song choices and delivery, and learn a lot about all the artists you’ve played, for many hours to come. Thank you so much for making them available.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from
    M. Gerarden
    Madison, WI USA

  • Well, I’ve waited a month and you haven’t changed your mind by the looks of it. Still, 252 hours and bits of folk music has been a wonderful accompaniment to my postal deliveries and latterly in my retirement. Thank you for introducing me to so many artists new and old (but new to me). I’m sure I’ll dip into the podcasts for many years to come. Thanks and if I bump into you in a pub or a club, I’ll certainly buy you a pint!!

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