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  • Hi Mike, listened to ‘Closing Time’ this morning as I trudged through Waterloo Station on my commute with a wry smile as I thought of you in your cottage putting the show together – a nicer commute for you methinks. Your show will be missed, I have been listening ever since you put your foot down with the BBC.

    Well done for such a popular and entertaining show.

    By for now.

  • How sad you have decided to stop. Have really enjoyed your podcasts – the music and your very informed commentary. And your descriptions of life around Settle.
    good luck and thanks


  • I’ve Listened to your show for the last 3 years and have enjoyed every episode. Sorry to hear that you are packing it up as you have found some fantastic music and bands I’ve never heard. Will get my driver to give you whistle every time we pass your house whist I work the S&C in hope you may return.

  • Many thanks, Mike.

    Enjoyed your shows for the BBC and more recently your own “broadcasts” heard now from my base now in Marina Del Rey, California. I also recall with fondness the gigs you played in clubs in Sheffield in the 1970’s.

    You truly brightened my life. Much appreciated.

  • I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to Mike for the great shows that I have been enjoying for some time. I am sorry that they are finishing but accept that this the time for you.
    Best wishes for your future. I hope to see you at the next Costa del Folk.
    Best wishes from Kate Broughton

  • Mike ~

    I want to say I am quite sad to say farewell to you, and to the program. I have actually come to NEED your program: it’s been a ritual staple of mine for a number of years now, since first hearing of you through contact with Ange Hardy. The depth and diversity of your programming selections truly were unique . . . no program like it either on the Internet, or on the broadcast radio. I learned so much and expanded my horizons vastly. I joked here once, awhile ago, that you were costing me a lot of money: I would hear something new and absolutely beautiful and just HAVE to buy it myself. My library has expanded ten fold since first listening to your program.

    I will miss not only the program of music, but also your voice. A former broadcast announcer on public radio, I think I know a thing or three about “voices” and what “works” on the air, You were splendid to listen to. Just soothing and inviting, and yet professional.

    Bruce Robertson
    Kinderhook, NY USA

  • So sorry to hear the folk show is ending. Thank you for many happy years listening and good luck for the future

  • Just spent 6 months relieving the boredom of an awful job by listening to all the podcasts. Shame it had to end. I was looking forward to listening to you “live”. I think you improved with age or at least being free from the BBC restraints. I wish you as much joy as you have given me in what ever you do next.

  • Dear Mike. I’m sure it’s already been said but ‘Thank you for the music’. I was incensed when the BBC replaced you with a far inferior programme – idiots! And I was delighted when I found your wonderful podcast. Thanks again.

  • I think I have listened to all 252 shows and would like to add my thanks to the list of grateful but sad devotees. Your show will be much missed, as was your old R2 show. Good luck in that funny old world out there!

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