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  • Just catching up on my podcast listening. Sad to hear that episode 252 is the last. I have enjoyed all of them (and the old Radio 2 show as well). Many thanks for the stream of folk music. All the best for the future! Keith

  • I’ve just found out from a work colleague you’ve packed up Mike?!
    “In my humble opinion” I am very saddened to hear this…I’ve really been enjoying the music
    I’ve only recently got into folk and was introduced to ‘Mike Harding Folk Show’ by my work colleague.
    I’m up to episode 51 LOL ;0)
    I hope you’ll come back and provide us all with more enjoyable folk music and anecdotes.

  • I keep checking in case you have changed your mind! Hope to see you in Settle when the reluctant ramblers visit on 28th May. Combining two great passions, rambling and singing (and occasionally dancing).

  • Hi Mike,
    I only found this podcast a year ago, but it’s brought me much joy in the short time I’ve known it. It’s kept me company on long drives, hours in airpots, and mornings with coffee. I’ll be hard pressed to find something so magical again. All the best in your future endeavors. Cheers from South Carolina.

  • Bitterly disappointed that the show has ended. You and your team created the best show available covering the folk music of our islands – and I include ireland in that descriptor. There is nothing comparable because Mike , YOU ARE THE REAL ,GENUINE, AUTHENTIC DEAL and both at the BBC and subsequently the folk world owes you a massive debt of gratitude for publiciisng and raising the profile of our beloved music. Without your vision the Folk Awards would not exist and tens of thousands of people would not have become folkies .

  • Really loved the show,
    So sad to see it go,
    It made my Mondays
    Into fun days
    Come rain or hail or snow.

    I only discovered the show
    A couple of months ago,
    Been meaning to write
    And give it a “like”
    Then it ended and saddened me so.

  • Planning lessons on a Monday morning, will never be the same again. You helped me through many a Powerpoint presentation!

    Many thanks

  • I only stumbled into the MHFS a few months ago. Sad to see it end, but what a mighty back-catalogue to explore!

    All the best, Mike.

  • In the process of updating my store of podcasts, I came across the news of the ending of yours. I’ve loved every episode I’ve heard, and will continue to enjoy the wonderful mix of tunes you’ve put together. Thanks for keeping them online for a while!! Know that your efforts to keep the music going haven’t been wasted, as like many others, I’ve been inspired by much of what you’ve shared. May your future endeavors provide you a crackin’ good time!

  • I never cry and seldom curse but after learning the Mike Harding Folk Show was ending I did both, and in profusion. Not cursing you, of course, Mike, but just the fact that yet another good thing in my life is coming to an end. You have no idea how listening to your podcasts have brightened the otherwise dreary winters here in northern Michigan for the past few years.
    Thank you for all the great tunes and musical trivia you’ve shared with us. I’ll miss your gruff voice telling the story behind those “cracking good” songs and artists. Best of luck to you.
    Mike Disbrow

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