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  • Dear Mike,
    Thank you for the last five years; it was a great disappointment when you finished with the BBC, but more than compensated for by the wonderful choices that you have made over the years on the online programme. Thank you in particular for the support that you’ve given to some of ur local ‘up & coming’ artists eg. Hannah Sanders, Gemma Khawaja, The Willows and for the tracks that you’ve played form the ‘old days’….. AL Lloyd, Bob Davenport, Alex Campbell, Bernard Wrigley, Bill Caddick, Johnny Silvo and many more that were the life and soul of the club circuit and who will never be played on Radio 2!
    Thank you again, and very good luck……. and if you are ever around for the Ely Folk Festival (13015 July), do come and say ‘hello’

    Just one last thing: Do you have available playlists for the shows in a downloadable form? I’ve downloaded every broadcast, but when your server closes, I won’t have the playlists any longer!

  • Mike, I listen to your show from Portland, Oregon and am sad but not surprised that you’re calling it a day. My wife enjoys your show and even my five year old son asks to listen to your podcasts. You have brought so much new music to my life and I in-turn am paying the gift forward through my Welsh band ‘3 Pound Note’ – we’ll be recording early next year. Thanks again, it’s been a great 20 years! Let me know if you ever come to Portland, I have an AirBnB, you’d love the old-timey festival here.

  • Thanks for the last 5 years Mike, haven’t listened to everyone of these shows but have a good many and have always thoroughly enjoyed them. Hope I will see / hear you again either in performance, at a festival or club or perhaps in Spain / Portugal!

  • Thank you very much Mike for the weeekly shows I will dearly miss, it was something I very much looked forward to and it won’t feel the same without your dulcet tones and cracking tunes coming through my iPod. I am relitevly new to your show, only been a couple of years, and pretty new to folk music. You have introduced me to some great tunes and artists of which I would never have known. It is this that I will sorely miss and being an expat here in Australia I don’t get to see or hear so much. I can understand that “all good things must come to an end” but this I will miss very much. Thanks mate, take care and good luck in all you do. P.s. if you find you miss it don’t hesitate to start again lol.

  • Sundays will never be the same here in the Loire Valley! Good luck, Mike, with whatever comes next for you — and thanks for years and years of wonderful music, you’ve introduced us to so many people and so much talent. Saw you live back in the 70s, you’ve grown up with us — thank you for all the hard work! God bless. Sue and Mike

  • Many thanks Mike.
    Over the years you’ve cost me a fortune – and I’m really happy about it! (Not something I’d say to the tax man). You’ve introduced me to all sorts of artists and music that I otherwise would have known nothing about. There’s probably a whole shelf of CD’s I could put together from these purchases. Not to mention the interviews and stories from you shows.
    Thanks Mike – look after yourself. As you’ve told us many times, it is indeed a funny old world out there.

  • Good luck, Mike, I wish you all the best. I feel genuinley sad that I won’t have your company every week – I felt that I was with you in your little shed sometimes. Like others, I have learned of some fabulous musicians, songs and albums over the years, and enjoyed your tales too.

    I am in Settle regularly: after a walk in the Dales, we always stop in Ye Olde Naked Man. I saw you in there once, and hope it will be ok if, should I be fortunate enough to see you again, I stop and say hello and thank you personally.

  • Mike,

    Many thanks for bringing all these wonderful shows to us – good luck with everything you turn your hand to!

  • Mike – thanks for all the great music. You’ve inspired me to buy CDs and albums for many’s the new or old band over the years. I’ll miss finding out what’s up and coming and backfilling my lack of knowledge of earlier folk bands. Enjoy your time for playing in Manchester and Connemara and wherever the music takes you.

  • Hello Mike,

    Just in case you don’t get my other email which is much longer, I’d like to join fellow listeners in thanking you for introducing me to so many wonderful singers and musicians that I otherwise may never have found, what a gift. Thank you for your knowledge, humour, and honesty. You should be very proud of your contribution to folk music. I wish you good health and happiness, you will be missed by so many people.

    love and peace,

    Alan Wrenn, an old Essex man living in Northern Michigan.

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