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  • Thanks for everything Mike. You’ve filled a lot of empty miles on the road. All the best.

  • That‘s what Wikipedia says about Pantalettes:
    Pantalettes are undergarments covering the legs worn by women, girls, and very young boys (before they were breeched) in the early- to mid-19th century.

    So sad you are finishing the show, I‘ll miss it terribly.
    Many thanks, Mike, for all that music over the years.
    Hope you‘ll have a good time.

  • Hi Mike. Currently listening to the last show. Thank you for the last five years ‘care in the community’. No only have you played one or two of my suggestions (Jock o Hazeldine and Now I’m Easy) but you introduced me to the wonderful Sam Baker, who we went to see this year in Gateshead. I also found out about the sad passing of an old friend, Larry Kearns , from you (second time this has happened – first was Nick Strutt on the BBC one. Its been a great source of music and memories and community. Thank you so much and as a mutual friend would have said – all the very best! David and Chris Chaytor

  • Thanks Mike, for 5 years (and many more) of great music. I was so sad to hear that it was coming to an end but wish you good times in your ”retirement”. Your podcasts have been constant companions on long journeys all round Scandinavia – and I look forward to continuing to play them like old friends.

    All the best from here in Norway,

  • Hi Mike,
    I will miss your shows.

  • Sorry to hear you are finishing. I have enjoyed listening to this show over in the Middle East. Its been a taist of home. Good luck for your future.

  • Mike – there’s something missing in my life this Monday morning with no new updated podcast…. Thanks a million for having introduced me to folk music and got me started on the journey. Best of luck with whatever your plans might be.


  • Thank You seems to be not enough for the entertainment you have brought us in the last 5 years. I have listened to the show going up and down this green and pleasant land listening to the show. The many times I have had been educated, impressed and so pleased with the content of the shows that have kept me company on my nightly travels.
    As everybody says and I’m going to too, is hope and pray that there is nothing untoward with you or your family and all is well with you. I hope that you enjoy the second retirement from the Folk Shows and I would like to wish you well in everything you do. Please come over to Teesside as we don’t seem to get many of the bigger names over here.

  • Dear Mike

    It is sad to hear that the show has come to an end. I have just about caught up with listening to all of the podcasts that have been put online. It was your show on the BBC in the late 1990s that got me interested in folk music, an musical interest that I still love and enjoy. All the best for the future.

    Matthew Smith

  • Good luck for your ventures in the future, Mike. Your shows (this one and the BBC ones) have been my education into the world of folky stuff – I’ve even started playing the fiddle myself. So, although the neighbours won’t thank you, I do.

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