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  • No message really, just keep up the good work and thank-you.
    ( but if you happen to slip some Muckram Wakes in one week…..)

    Nice to hear Dave Burland on the radio again – I’ll have to go hunting
    though my cds again for the album.


  • After the bitterness of the news about the BBC, the sweetness of a new
    show. Congratulations on the first one! I hope technology will allow
    you to plough the furrow your own way. As a big fan of your music,
    writing, comedy and broadcast it is great to see you carrying on
    despite a setback (opportunity?) which would have crushed many. Your
    last show with BBC was very good and got me listening to Emily Portman
    again, always a bit unsettling that album…

    A great new show – waited up last night to get it after initial
    problems that are a sign loads of people were “tuning in”. I like the
    podcast/archive idea – the website looks great by the way –
    smooth/easy to use but a nice cosy look. Hope it all works out.

    I will have to sign up to facebook just to be able to interact.
    Resisted for so long but now it has a purpose!


  • Hi Mike . Really enjoyed the show and the teasing build up so very
    well done. Well worth waiting for. Thanks for still keeping with us. I
    first saw you in Joe Palmers ” Peelers ” Folk Club in Bishopsgate. You
    were and still are the funniest and most entertaining performer I’ve
    seen. More performers need to realise that playing and singing well,
    yes are very important ingredients..BUT people want to be entertained
    and laugh and feel good. You are the full caboodle!!! So more power to
    your elbow.

    My question is:- Is it possible to keep each show or tracks?To save
    it/them in some way? Is this what the itunes reference is about?
    Very best regards…John Jas Smith o’ the Scottish Highlands.

  • Hello Mike

    I just wanted to wish you all the very best for your new online folk
    show. I was one of the many thousands that made your server crash last
    night (a brilliant start to your new show if you ask me) and am
    thrilled that you will be continuing presenting the music we love.

    I also want to thank you for your farewell BBC show – i had tears in
    me eyes when you played The Parting Glass, what a way to sign off.

    Anyway, from one of your many fans – THANKS and GOOD LUCK and HAPPY

    Steven Kleppa, Dublin, Ireland

  • Mike
    Happy New Year for tomorrow.

    Happy New Beginning too. Just listened to the new show and it was
    great. Thanks. I like having the track listing to refer to whilst
    listening – that’s a real plus point for me.

    Thanks for last year too. I first tuned in to your show in February.
    Had been following it regularly since. Very disappointed that BBC have
    ended the show, it gave me a lot of pleasure over the year. You have
    introduced me to some great music over the year and it has cost me a
    small fortune along the way. I have bought loads of CDs and downloaded
    other albums and tracks to my IPod.

    As a direct result of your show I have heard and bought music from
    Pilgrims Way, Stan Rogers, Emily Smith, June Tabor and Oysterband,
    Cathy Jordon, Barry Dransfield, Bellowhead and lots of single tracks
    (too many to mention). There’s plenty more earmarked for purchase
    when my funds recover!

    During one of the early shows I heard Pilgrims Ways (The Hand Weaver
    and the Factory Maid) and it registered with me straight away. (I
    describe it as ‘something’ storming into my head and re-arranging
    all the furniture – I’ll never be the same again!) Looking at
    Pilgrims Ways’ website I noted they were soon to be playing a local
    folk club in Birmingham. (Now that’s what I call fate!) I went along
    and really loved their show. I bought their Wayside Courtesies CD and
    it has been played many times. The most played track on my IPod is
    their track ‘Pilgrims Way’ – played far more than anything else.
    It is an inspirational Kipling poem. Great performance by the band.

    Later in the year I noted that Pilgrims Way were in Leicester
    supporting the Carrivick Sisters. Went to see this and enjoyed both
    shows. I invested in a couple of the sisters’ CDs and have really
    enjoyed them. The girls are twins from Devon playing what is described
    as ‘New Grass’. Hugely talented musicians with a great show –
    irresistible. Their latest album ‘From the Fields’ was really
    excellent. ‘Today is a Good Day’ is a really uplifting
    song/performance among many others and if you can find the space to
    give this song an outing on your show I’m sure many others will
    enjoy it too.

    Also this year I discovered Transatlantic Sessions. (BBC4 – my
    favourite TV channel). TS5 has cost me a small fortune too. As well as
    the CDs for the shows, I’ve bought CDs of Eddi Reader and Kathleen
    MacInnes. Fantastic Music. Loved Sharon Shannon. (Haven’t bought any
    of her stuff yet but it’s only a matter of time)

    Can you imagine my joy when I found that Emily Smith is touring UK
    with Transatlantic Sessions and coming to the symphony hall in
    Birmingham in February! I’ve got my ticket. Can’t wait for TS6.

    2013 is going to be a great year!

    Hope the show is as successful as your beeb show.

  • Hadn’t known about your being uprooted until the farewell programme.
    Chuffed to have found this new source of the very best in… and the
    sound here is much stronger than from the BBC. A prosperous New Year
    to you.

  • Hi Mike
    Well, it was very frustrating, but well worth the wait. Hope you
    eventually travelled to the Land of Nod. Best wishes for the future
    and hopefully you’ll have the chance to play some Pete Morton in the
    weeks to come.
    Have you heard Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker-Beautiful voice and
    wonderful playing. I couldn’t listen to Who Knows Where the Time Goes,
    by anyone other than Sandy Denny, but was reduced to “moist eyes” when
    she sang it at The Musician in Leicester.
    Best Wishes

    David Hill

  • hi mike, am writing from melbourne australia, happy new year, its the
    wanted to send through the link to the lead track off this record, it
    got some good play over here,.

    anyhow, take care Mike,


  • If you don’t know them,,, you need to. They are very good and quite
    talented to boot. Did I mention they are good?

    First came across them playing at the little Acorn Fayre when I was
    doing my first festival Gig.

    A particular favourite of mine is ‘Three Score and Ten’. But they are
    all very good. Think I might have said that already.

    good luck with the show. 🙂



  • Great Show Good Site Good Luck
    Pete Rimmer

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