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  • Hi, Mike: very happy you can do your thing, hope that this is renumerative in some way to give you some compensation for your time and energy:
    Happy that I got turned on to you from autoharpists on your side of the pond.
    Paul of Tallahassee, Florida (the former colonies, wishing that we had
    a parliamenary government!)

  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for an excellent and varied program this evening – so many genres, and all top items – a very enjoyable show.

    Was very pleased there was such an excellent turn-out for your visit to the Canterbury Tails. A great evening.

    I do a web page to support live music in Kent : – I would be very grateful if you could add it to your Folk Website list.

    As well as gig list and news pages there are archives of gig photos and videos – there are some from last Thursday, at :
    Please feel free to use any photos you like – or tell me to take them down if you so wish !

    I also put on gigs (though not so many as Debs Earl), including bringing Tommy Peoples over to Kent twice.

    Thanks again for a great evening’s music, and hoping that you will visit us down in Kent sometime soon again,
    Beau Webber

  • Loved the show over the border here in exotic and faraway Wrexham.
    Thank you can’t wait for next weeks.

  • Mike

    Sorry to hear about you being thrown out of the BBC again. Never mind. I’ve done stuff with all kinds of BBC and ITV presenters as well as Hollywood film stars and singers. I know how hard it can be.

    Great to see your web site and to hear your voice on a podcast. Don’t let the buggers get you down. Keep on trogging !


  • Do I have to stream it? I would like to download it to mp3 player for a friend who doesn’t have internet access. I can’t quite work out how…

  • What a great start ! Caught up after dinner and was delighted to see that you got off to such a resounding roar of approval.
    Great show .. expected nothing less RESULT !
    Well done Mike .. may it go from strength to strength.

  • I’m sure you’ve had many of these, Mike but I feel we should add Bromsgrove Folk Club and Festival’s congratulations for providing this service and an excellent first show. More power to your elbow, sir.

  • Hi Mike

    Great show – good to hear you carrying on the good work

    One wee thing – if I want to check out the other pages on your site while the show podcast is playing, the podcast stops when the new window loads over it and I have to go back to the podcast page and
    reload it … and it starts at the beginning again…

    Could you maybe arrange for all the other site pages to open in a new tab? Just a wee thought..

    Best wishes

    • Reply for Bob Thomas:
      There is a link underneath the Player “Podcast: Play in new window”.
      Click on this link and the player will open in a new window.
      The you can view other pages whilst it continues to play.
      – Admin

  • Got the streaming website at 10.25pm. Great to hear your voice coming through our sound system again. really looking forward to the weekly podcasts and especially the archive.. Mike you’ve done a good job with no doubt lots of IT help to get the show running so quickly. I can’t help feeling the BBC must be feeling their loss. Yet another BBC mistake. All best wishes for many years of folk. just like the way you played such a huge role in promoting folk in the UK over the 15 years
    I feel this venture will flourish to many new successes.
    Lots of best wishes and thanks,

  • Hi Mike,
    Great show ,thanks. I was delighted to hear that you are doing a weekly podcast. You don’t know me but our paths crossed way back in 1972 [24th May ,to be precise] when you [and Dave and June Brooks] played a charity show for Shelter at Wilmslow Grammar School for Boys, which I helped to organise. I am now North West correspondent for Fatea Magazine and I am still organising concerts [ Cara Luft, Michael Weston King and Peter Case are recent examples].
    I look forward to hearing you on the ‘net for many years to come.
    All the best,

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