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  1. Kath

    Just found out about your podcasts yesterday while self-isolating during recovery stages of flu (Corona Virus?). Hadn’t realised you moved on from Radio 2 to doing this as I don’t usually bother with Facebook, but I’m so glad to have discovered it now. It’s going to be a great comfort during these difficult and strange times. Thank you so much for creating this – I am really looking forward to working my way through the podcasts and becoming a regular listener.

  2. Tina Negus

    At this time, the restrictions on normal lives caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, must be having an enormous impact on all the musicians, and other people associated with giving us our wonderful music . Concerts, festivals, sessions cancelled, and no doubt many will find themselves hard hit financially. I guess, your show, Mike, will be even more important to those who love our music. So thank you, and keep up the excellent work.

  3. Nic Lewis

    Dear Mr Harding, as I have worked at or attended up to 8 festivals a year for nearly two decades I have found your archive absolutely wonderful to catch up with shows I have missed during the sunny (sometimes!) months, and a great way to consider which artists to see while I am there, or when working, to get my ‘fix’ if stuck on a job miles from the music! In winter months, listening regularly brings pleasant reminders of the live events and brightens dark cold days. I have learnt so very much from your shows, your incredible knowledge and wide ranging tastes. I was sad when ‘Auntie’ seemed to irreverently cast you out all that time ago, thank you for continuing this great work bringing great music to folks ears. It means a heck of a lot to this old codger. Thanks and best wishes, Nic

  4. Martin Eldon

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve just been listening to your August ’19
    Podcast and wanted to thank you for a great show.

    I grew up in East London in the 1960s and from the age of 14 would sneak up the back stairs of pubs to get into the folk clubs.. I saw Christy Moore, Tony Rose, Pete Bellamy, Bob and Carole Pegg, Finbar and Eddie Furey, Robin and Barry Dransfield, and many of the artists on your podcast. June Tabor and Richard Digance were residents at the club which was later run by Alan Bearman – such a humble guy and what a great club organiser. I ran a club in London for a while and was privileged to book the likes of Derek Brimstone, Nic Jones, Vin Garbutt, Pete Atkin, The Ian Campbell folk group and Martin Carthy.

    You have brought back so many great memories. I hope that you’ll do some
    more 60s and 70s specials – it was such a magical time in the clubs in those days. Thank you so much Mike.

    Kind regards


  5. Ian

    The Christmas podcast was an absolute blinder. Just wonderful

  6. John

    Discovered the podcasts only a few weeks ago. What a fantastic archive of quality listening! I straight away emailed a friend and fellow folkie in Tasmania to alert him to it, only to be told he was away ahead of me and was following the podcasts from day 1. Thank you for all the hard work Mike.