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A note to all the listeners:



The folk show on  22nd October sadly was the last of the weekly shows. This was mostly because the workload of single-handedly researching,  producing, recording, editing and mixing the shows was frankly becoming a bit too much for one man – particularly if that man also wanted to live a life.

Along the way I made more than 250 programmes which, when added to the shows I made for the BBC means I’ve made around 1,000 folk broadcasts. Not bad for a banjo player.

But after a few weeks I found that I was itching to get back in front of the mic to share the wonderful music that was still coming my way.

Consequently I am now podcasting a 2hr special every month or so of the best folk and roots releases – together with the occasional “special” like the recent St Patrick’s Day special on Irish music in Manchester.

So keep checking in, keep listening – and if you follow the folk show on Facebook you’ll see that I post news of the new shows regularly on there.

Love and Peace